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Pick-up & Drop-off

To assure the safety of all kids, parents, guardians, and staff, we ask that during morning drop off and afternoon student pick up, all drivers adhere to the following procedures:

  1.  Teachers have a list of routine after school transportation plans for each student.  If you have a change to this typical schedule, we ask that you notify the office (359-7065).  Students will otherwise be sent home via normal plan.
  2. When going through the drop off / pick up line, drivers need to remain in their vehicle at all times.  If your student requires assistance, a staff member will be more than happy to assist if your child has additional items (projects, snacks, etc).  Students need to exit and enter vehicles from the passenger side.
  3. When the driver wants to pick up the student from the building doors, the vehicle must be parked in the parking lot, and the adult (over 18) will need to utilize the crosswalk.  There will be a staff member available to assist in the crosswalk area. 
  4. Staff will not be able to buckle students in car seats.  If your child is not able to buckle / unbuckle themself, please park your vehicle in the parking lot.  
  5. To expedite this process, please have your child’s name tag displayed for verification. Cars will need to pull as far forward as possible to get your child.  If you are waiting on your child, please pull forward to the front pick up spot until your child arrives.  

We appreciate your patience, assistance, and understanding with our procedures.  Again, safety is our number one priority!!

Dr. Lisa Northup, Principal

Steadley Elementary

Please click on the links below to view procedures for when students are dropped off at school and for parent pick-up


Parent Pick Up Map