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Steadley Awards 2019-2020

Each month students are chosen by their teacher for exemplifying the character trait of the month and showing improvements within the classroom. 

Students are honored in a monthly assembly in which they receive a certificate and recognition for their accomplishments.


Character Word of the Month













Award Winners


Acting nice when winning or losing; showing respect for your opponent.

August Character Kid Sportsmanship
Character Kids

August STAR StudentSTAR Students

August Specials Cup

Specials Cup

August Golden Broom

Golden Broom

August Golden Spoon

Golden Spoon


September- Respect

To act in a way to show you care about other peoples' feelings.

September Character Kids Respect September STAR Students

September Specials Cup

Specials Cup

September Golden Broom

Golden Broom

September Golden Spoon

Golden Spoon




October- Responsibility

The quality of being dependable, trustworthy, and reliable....a responsible person does what he/she is supposed to!

October Character Kid
October STAR Student

October Specials Cup

October Golden Broom

October Golden Spoon




November- Cooperation

The ability to work together with others; getting along and listening to others.

November Character Kids Cooperation November STAR Students
November Specials Cup Golden Broom November Golden Spoon




December- Service

When you volunteer to do something for others...helping people just because you want to!

December Character Kids December STAR students
December Specials Cup December Golden Broom December Golden Spoon




January- Perseverance

The will to keep working until the job is done, persistence.


January Character Kids January STAR Students
January Specials Cup January Golden Broom January Golden Spoon




February- Kindness

Helpfulness, being kind, caring about other people.





March- Self-Discipline

The ability to stay in control and do what you know is right.





April- Integrity

Having good morals, total honesty and sincerity.